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M3 Research Studios Overview

M3 Global Research Studios, London, is the ideal viewing facility for all your market research focus group and studio needs. Our viewing facility offers two impeccably-designed multi-purpose market research facilities that are perfect for focus groups, depth interviews and creative workshops. They have a flexible layout to provide a relaxed environment for up 25 viewed respondents and comfortable viewing rooms to accommodate up to 10 people. Both studios are based in London.

The facility offers all you need for your in-person qualitative research needs for end-to-end field and studio services. M3 Global Research Studios, London, provides experienced moderators, translators and respondent recruitment services. Our modern and spacious facility in West London provides the ideal qualitative group experience. Our professional and client-focused studio team will surpass your expectations.

Conveniently located in Hammersmith, the facility is easily accessible to clients and respondents travelling from all areas by road, tube or flying in to Heathrow Airport.

Our solutions go beyond physical space!


Complete Solutions

  • On-site studio coordinator throughout the studio booking
  • On-site technicians throughout the studio booking
  • Video & digital audio recordings for each session provided on the same day included in facility hire
  • 2-way mirror for client observation
  • LCD client controlled monitor for enhanced viewing
  • Individual client controlled headphones for enhanced listening
  • Use of flip charts, stationery and office facilities
  • Wireless internet access
  • Projector & 40” & 50” TV’s
  • Tea, coffee and light snacks for both clients and respondents


M3 Streaming

M3 Research offers its own competitively priced streaming service which allows you to cut travel time and costs, allowing more people to take part in the focus group experience as active observers!

Whether you or your colleagues are unable to attend, we can arrange for your focus groups to be projected over the Internet, live and on-demand through a secure access. If your client prefers to use the Focus Vision solution, it’s also available.

Translation Services

M3 Research Studios provides its clients with exceptional translation services through our network of professionals for the following languages:

  • French to English and English to French
  • Japanese to English and English to Japanese
  • Chinese to English and English to Japanese
  • Whether you need a survey questionnaire translation, a concept translation, or a report translation, we will use the correct terminology
  • Our studios have simultaneous translation booth for simultaneous translation services for focus groups through our network of professionals fully trusted for projects with consumers, businesses, or healthcare professionals
Our Partners
  • Research Agencies
  • Service Design Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Freelance Researchers
  • Public Sector
  • Charities
  • Corporates

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