Usability Labs

For a professional way of testing interactive software and hardware to assess usability and user-friendliness, M3 Global Research Studios offers a choice of two usability testing labs equipped with TechSmith Morae in our studio facilities in Hammersmith, London. Our usability testing labs allow clients to observe and evaluate the testing of any type of interactive product including websites, software, hand-held devices etc....

The usability testing labs support multiple testing scenarios including in-depth interviews, mini groups and full focus groups with up to eight users. The set-up includes:

  • One pan-tilt-zoom HD camera that can be placed anywhere in the room
  • Direct inputs from the respondent's PC at full resolution for website and software testing
  • Picture-in-picture display and recording (PIP recording)
  • 32" LCD monitor in the client viewing room
  • DVD recording of all sessions