When you book with M3 Global Research Studios you can be assured of receiving top-quality support and hospitality services.

Our offering includes:

  • Respondent waiting area to ensure confidentiality during group turnaround. Self-service tea and coffee in waiting area puts respondents at ease
  • A dedicated host assigned to each study providing support from morning till night
  • A wide range of delicious catering options including menus for special diets
  • A client break-out room available on request
  • Skilled IT team on site at all times
  • In-house global project teams with experience in different methodologies on hand to offer advice and assistance
  • Dedicated booths for simultaneous translation. Highly-skilled translators and transcribers on request to produce accurate verbatim transcripts
  • Experienced qualitative interviewers and moderators on request to support studio and field research (face-to-face, telephone)
  • Fieldwork assistants and note takers fluent in a number of European and Asian languages also available on request